The Legends Golf Club

Two membership Levels:

  • Elite Sports Membership

Membership to the Legends golf course which includes the sports club.  Members can play up to 12 rounds a year on the Legends course and unlimited on our other two resort courses.  Membership is for the entire family.

  • Recreational Legends

This is a full golf membership and includes the sports club. Golf is unlimited on all 3 of our courses. The legends course is a championship layout and always maintained in excellent condition.  One of the best features is to play without delay, even on the weekends. 

Membership includes:

  • Unlimited golf on all of our courses
  • Membership to our sports club with all types of exercise equipment
  • Full event schedule for men and women
  • Member dining

Contact Dave Zerfas – General Manager Legends Club

 678-410-6828 or Email for Membership Information